Tips on How to Take Care of Your Zen Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Maintaining the state of your bamboo.pillow is not as hard many imagine, though every pillow has its instructions on maintenance that is quite unique. It is advised that you follow the instructions on the Zen bamboo memory foam pillow of your choice, nonetheless, there are general instructions that you can also follow just so your pillow can be in a very good condition.

It is advised that you keep sharp objects away from the bamboo pillow, most important keep it away from its packaging.

It is quite normal to have a new pillow and find that it is deformed from the way it was either stored, transported by or packaged. You need not worry about this because the bamboo is capable.of returning back to its normal form in few days.

You may also discover some form of odor with the pillow, due to the fact that it has been packaged for a long time. This can be caused by the foam or material that the pillow is wrapped in or perhaps packaged in. Similar to the fore mentioned case, you need not worry about this too because bamboo breathes with ease and the smell is guaranteed to Disappear after it is allowed to air out for few days.

You should not worry at all if the pillow is a little bit uncomfortable for the first few days. It takes couples of days though the number varies, for one to get acquainted with the bamboo pillow. So it is advised that you sleep on it for some weeks before you draw conclusions on it being a bad option for you.

The bamboo pillow was not fashioned in a way to be washed, but manufacturers made things a lot easier by incorporating removable covers, just so your pillow looks clean and appealing. When washing your Zen bamboo memory foam pillow cover it is important that you do the laundry in a cold cycle because if you use hot water can cause damage to your pillow and it is also important that you employ the use of naturally occurring cleaners rather than the classic detergents. bamboo pillows are fashioned to resist stains and smells, this they do not require hardcore bleaches or detergents to smell good and lol good. In addition, do not use dryers to dry the pillow case because it may cause it to get damaged and it might result in your pillow case shrinking.

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