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There various names denture creams go by and they include denture paste, denture gels, and denture glue. However, they are all similar. Denture creams are similar in appearance to toothpaste and they come in a variety of flavors or unflavored.The cream can be applied to the top of the upper denture and then it is pressed into the gum lines to make a very tight seal between your gums and dentures. The same mode of application goes with the lower denture, just that the denture cream does to the bottom and it is pressed towards the gum lines downward. One thing that is unique with denture creams is that there is no mixing like cutting strips or powder to make it fit. It is easy, simple and on average has a long lasting hold.

There are cons and pros to all denture adhesives. Selecting the right denture adhesive for you is based on several factors; among them include cost, experiences, and personal preferences. Without no doubt, I believe denture adhesive creams are renowned over the other adhesives that seem to be alternatives. This article is centered on reviewing three of the best denture adhesive creams to assist you in selecting a product that works best for you.

Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Cream

Some denture creams are manufactured with zinc in their formula for a firmer hold, on the other hand, zinc can be somewhat harmful if you have a substantial amount of it ingested. Super Poligrip is ideally zinc free, no artificial coloring and flavorless. In views of your health, Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Cream totally understands. The cream adhesive forms a tight seal between your gum and dentures, it aids in locking out food and limiting food that could cause irritation. Super Poligrip ensures anaround-the-clockhold, which keeps your denture in place when you need it the most. Customers and professionals recommend super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Cream.


  • It is a Zinc-Free product
  • It is an effective product, ensuring an all-day hold.
  • It Oozes control trip for a mess free application


  • Some people prefer a flavor over flavorless
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