1. The band’s mascot is only missing from 2 Motorhead studio albums

The Snaggletooth mascot is only absent from a pair of the band’s 21 studio albums. They include the unofficial “On Parole” album and the 1996 “Overnight Sensation” album. He’s even seen on jacket brooches and belt buckles in the band’s most famous song “Ace of Spades.”

  1. Howard Benson produced four Motorhead albums

They albums started with the 1993 LP “Bastards” and the 1998 “Snake Bite Love. Howard Benson is famous for working with various rock bands in the 2000s including Theory of a Deadman and Papa Roach.

  1. Motorhead appeared on “The Drew Carey Show”

That happened in 2001 when the British band made a cameo appearance on the show. It played the song “Sorry” during the appearance in the early 2000s.

  1. Ed Stasium was fired while working on “Going to Brazil”

This happened when he was first picked to produce the album “1916.” However, after Lemmy caught him over-dubbing the song “Going to Brazil” with Latin percussion he was fired because he hadn’t received the band’s permission to do that.

  1. The Motorhead coat of arms has a lot of symbolism

They include various symbols including England’s 3 Lions (Lemmy), Sweden’s 3 Crowns (Mikkey Dee), the Welsh Dragon (Phil Campbell) and Snaggletooth mascot of the band.

  1. The cover art of “Orgamatron” represents the original title

The cover art includes a demon train. However, it’s interesting that it actually reflect the original title of the album, which was “Ridin’ with the Driver.” This is a fact that many people don’t know, which includes big fans of the band. However, it’s definitely one Motorhead fans would likely find interesting.

  1. A Motorhead song was included in a cartoon

This might be surprising even to the most dedicated Motorhead fans. The song “You Better Run” from the 1992 album “March or Die” was re-recorded for an episode of the Nickelodeon cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants.” It was recorded as the title “You Better Swim.” The song was also included on the soundtrack for the Spongebob movie released in 2004.

  1. Mikkey Dee is the longest-serving drummer of Motorhead

Most fans of the heavy metal band already know that Dee is Swedish. However, they might not know that he also has a Greek heritage. This is explained with his full name, which is Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou.  He played with Motorhead from 1992 to 2015. However, he left the band following the death of Lemmy a few years ago.

  1. Steve Vai appears on the “Inferno” album

The 2004 album features the famous guitarist. He plays on the songs “Down on Me” and “Terminal Show.” Vai was voted by Guitar World magazine as one of the top 10 greatest guitarists. He started his music career in 1978 and launched his solo career in 1983.

  1. Lemmy earned his nickname for asking to borrow money

Ian Kilmister got his nickname for always asking people to lend him money. To put it another way, he might ask “Lemmy a few bucks.”

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