1. Motorhead becomes a famous rock band

The members of Motorhead argued they were just a rock band. However, they also became famous in the heavy metal genre. In fact, when the group started metalheads and punks were two competing groups. However, the band’s raw style was popular among the first group of British punks and heavy metal fans. The band also helped to serve as a blueprint for crossover bands in the 1980s.

  1. Lemmy becomes a hit songwriter

Lemmy co-wrote the Ozzy Osbourne power ballad “Mama, I’m Coming Home.” He actually made more money from the royalties of the single than from all Motorhead albums. However, Lemmy has also written songs for other bands. They include the Ramones.

  1. Lemmy roadies with one of the greatest guitarists

Lemmy moved to England’s capital in 1967 where he worked for the Jimmy Hendrix Experience. He got a part-time job working as a roadie for the band. Lemmy learned some things about being a rock star that helped him after he started Motorhead.

  1. “Ace of Spades” LP

The album was released during fall 1980. The album had a big influence on thrash bands and was popular among fans of extreme music.

  1. “No Remorse” Double LP

The 1984 compilation is one of the favorite Motorhead albums among fans. The records and tapes were sold with deluxe leather jackets/cases. They also included song commentaries from Lemmy.  It also included the first recordings of the group when it started with two guitarists.

  1. Snaggletooth becomes the first heavy metal mascot

Snaggletooth was created by artist Joe Petagno. It was designed as a blend between a gorilla, wolf, and dog. It’s one of the most famous and popular image sins the world of heavy metal. The mascot appeared on the band’s first album and has appeared on all of the band’s studio albums except two. Since the band was launched it’s also become the centerpiece of the group’s “Motorhead – England” tees. They’ve become world-famous among metalheads around the world.

  1. “Lemmy” the movie

The 2010 “Lemmy” is a documentary about the Motorhead member. It includes many interesting facts about the musician that some fans might not know already.

  1. Lemmy gets booted from Hawkwind

Lenny joined the acid rock group Hawkwind in 1971. He played on the hit single “Silver Machine” and the double live album “Space Ritual.” However, when he was caught for amphetamine possession while traveling to Canada in 1975 he was kicked out of the band. Lemmy then returned to England and launched his new band Motorhead.

  1. Motorhead wins a Grammy award

The band won a 2005 Grammy Award for “Best Metal Performance.” The song was a cover of the song “Whiplash” that was by Metallica. The band is famous for playing shows that are unannounced as Motorhead cover band in order to honor the band.

  1. “No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith” live album

The album includes 11 songs and became the most popular Motorhead album in terms of music charts. It went #1 in the UK when it was released in 1981.

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