1. Lemmy worked backstage before becoming a star

Lemmy had backstage jobs before he performed I bands himself on a stage. That included jobs carrying gear for the Jimmy Hendrix Experience and working as the road manager of Emerson Lake & Palmer certainly helped to prepare him for his decades in the band Motorhead.

  1. The lyrics of “Ace of Spades” were changed for a video game

Motorhead’s signature song was “Ace of Spades.” When included in the video game “Rock Band 2” the lyrics were altered to show Lenny’s immortality.” In the game, they include the word “I don’t want to live forever…But, apparently, I am.”

  1. A stuntman drove a motorcycle in the “Killed by Death” video

The guy was hired to drive a Harley Davidson cycle through walls and also out of a grave. This helped to ensure that Lemmy wasn’t injured during the filming of the video.

  1. The coverdesign for “Overkill” was created in less than 2 weeks

Motorhead’s 1979 album is not only famous for its music but also for the cover design. It was designed by artist Joe Petagno. It’s one of the most famous album covers and was created in under two weeks. That’s quite amazing due to how famous and popular the album cover is.

  1. “Motorhead” wasn’t the first song written for the band

You might be surprised to learn that the first song LemmyKilmister wrote for the famous band wasn’t the song of the same name. In fact, it was ironically the last song he wrote while he was a member of his last band named Hawkwind. It was the B-side on the 1975 single “Kings of Speed.”

  1. “Michael “Wurzel” Burston got his nickname while in the army

Burston got his nickname while he served in the army. He was based on a walking and talking character that was like a cartoon scarecrow. In addition, his experience in the military also appealed to Lemmy’s interest in the subject. That was in addition to Burston’s guitar skills.

  1. A Motorhead drummer kept touring with a broken neck

The incident involved the drummer Philthy Taylor. He once experienced a broken neck during a drunken episode. However, he kept touring. Because he didn’t get the neck issue attended to faster there’s now a lump the size of an orange on the back of his neck.

  1. Motorhead helped to name the most famous Brazilian metal band

The song “Dancing on Your Grave” helped the most famous heavy metal band in Brazil pick their name. They translated the song’s title and liked the way the translation of “grave” sounded in the Portuguese language when translated to “Sepultura.”

  1. “Dead Men Tell No Tales” wasn’t about Lemmy himself

Lemmy is well-known for his consumption of drugs and alcohol. However, the song is actually about the producer of the “Bomber” album Jimmy Miller. He was battling a heroin addiction during the recording of the album.

  1. Phil Campbell is a famous Wales guitar hero

In fact, he’s one of the most famous guitarists from the country.

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