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WHERE: At the Motörhead Löunge, in the VIP area at Metaltown
WHO: Meet and greet with Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee
WHEN: Thursday July 4th at 5pm

MOTÖRHEAD, the hardest working, hardest touring band in the world has one of the biggest years yet in 2013. The Grammy-award winners have been in the recording studio working on their next
album – Aftershock due to be released in October 2013.

It will be the follow-up to the highly successful CD, The Wörld Is Yours, the blistering, multi-formated
(DVD, CD, Vinyl, Blu-Ray) The Wörld Is Ours-Volume 1 - Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else, and The Wörld Is Ours - Volume 2 - Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else...

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Rockig hörlur föddes i Göteborg.

Efter att ha träffats av en lycklig slump utvecklade Anders Nicklasson och Ulf Sandberg idén som skulle komma att bli Motörheadphones. Nu erövrar lurarna rockers på samma sätt som ett band marknadsför sig världen över. På handelskammardagen i Göteborg den 15 maj berättar de mer om framgångssagan.

Det var i fikapauserna på Västsvenska Handelskammarens VD -möten som Anders Nicklasson och Ulf Sandberg möttes för första gången.

– Vi började diskutera iden om att sammanföra Krusells etablerade distribution i elektronikbranschen med Anders långa erfarenhet av musikindustrin, säger Ulf Sandberg, VD på Krusell. Tillsammans med det brittiska rockbandet Motörhead lanserades Motörheadphönes på IFA i Berlin 2012.

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Invitation to Press Conference

At CES, Las Vegas, in January 2013 Motörhead will launch a complete assortment of headphones and earphones in the US market. The first generation’s assortment will consist of nine products in total, three headphones, and six in-ear models. All will be sold under their new brand name Motörheadphönes.

Motörheadphönes will be the first life style brand in the headphone segment that globally will focus on the rock/pop audience, a target group who are critical listeners and goes with the attitude that rock stands for. The Rock audience is by far the largest group of music listeners, according to surveys on what music the consumers are streaming. The headphones have gained much success during the fall/winter launch in Europe and rated top 5 out of ten best headphones in the daily paper The Independent U.K. after two weeks on the market.

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Les amateurs de rock ont enfin ce qu’ils méritent!

Motörheadphönes est la première marque dédiée aux fans de musiques rock. Ses écouteurs et casques spécialement conçus rendent au rock ses meilleurs effets. Née de l’association d’une qualité de son professionnelle, d’un usage mobile urbain et de la culture rock, Motörheadphönes fait ses premiers pas sur le marché français.

Marque pionnière sur ce secteur de musique, Motörheadphönes arrive sur le marché avec l'un des groupes les plus emblématiques de l'industrie du rock. Avec 37 années de tournées à leur actif, Motörhead a également le logo le plus connu de la sphère du rock. Pour preuve, leur Warpig tee-shirt se vend à plus d'un demi-million d'exemplaires chaque année.

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Motörheadphönes joins the Motörhead Tour 2012!

During Motörhead’s tour - The Wörld is yours 2012, which takes place at the end of this year, Motörheadphönes will join the legends and feed Social media with backstage updates. This is the first time in the Rock history that the iconic band Motörhead let a bloke into their sacred space to update live with all the dirty details.

Motörheadphönes’s Facebook page will transform into a Motörhead backstage Blog. Victor Marin, long-time, free-talking crew member of Motörhead will update with the loudest news ever from the free-spirited-do-what-we-want-road-warriors on a daily basis.

Thanks to Motörheadphönes Facebook site, you will get a virtual backstage-pass during the whole tour. Join Lemmy...

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Finally rock lovers get what they deserve!

At IFA 2012 in Berlin Motörhead launched their headphone brand, Motörheadphönes.

– Both the international media attention and the support from top rock artists such as Rammstein was huge during the IFA show and our Pressconference with the drummer Mikkey Dee from Motörhead was very well visited, says Anders Nicklasson Brand Manager at Motorheadphones.

At the party after the launch, members from well-known bands like Rammstein, In Extremo and Silly turned up to show their support. The Motörheadphönes staff with guests was later at night seen at the Berliner club White Trash...

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Invitation to Press Conference for Motörheadphönes

When: Aug 31st at 4pm
Where: Berlin at Motörheadphönes booth at IFA hall 9 booth 313
Who: Mikkey Dee (Motörhead), Ulf Sandberg (Krusell), Anders Nicklasson (Krusell)

Rock legends Motörhead become the first rock band to craft headphones specifically for fans of all guitar-based music, with the launch of Motörheadphönes. There is an abundance of bass-focused, rap headphones on the market, which sacrifice mid-range clarity. Yet more listeners on Spotify listen to rock than rap or hip-hop. Guitar-based music can be ruined by headphones if they focus on heavy bass without clarity in the rest of the range. So Motörhead set out to make headphones that did their music justice.

Motörheadphönes will be the first brand name in the headphone segment that globally will focus on the rock/pop audience...

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