Create a Website – The 4 Phases of Izrada Sajta

There are various steps to website creation, regardless of the type of website you intend on developing, there are four phases that are bound to be used even if you are creating an easy, professional website of perhaps anything that is in between. The four phases to izrada sajta is to plan, create, design and build.

  1. Plan: By commencing with the planning phase, you will help you with having less aggravation later in future time. Some of the questions that can assist you while at this stage include – Why are do you intend on building the website? If per chance you are on a budget, how much do you intend on setting aside for domain registration, obtaining a hosting package, acquiring software and other tools you will need?
  2. Build: This is the phase where you start building the web pages. How many pages do you intend on starting with? Which will be the main page? Start by adding most of the keywords you will be using. Majority of the web designing software program can help in creating the web pages faster but it is still important that you include the content, keywords and other things that can help with the search engine optimization.
  3. Create: It is possible to while you are building the page, you write the content at the same time or perhaps you can work with few pages at a time and then return for the addition of the content. Most of the information you will be adding could be done halfway during the planning phase to be completed later.
  4. Design: the majority of the phase may be done during the planning, creating and building phases. The designing phase of the web site is not only for the navigation menus, footer, and header but it is also for the text color, background color, incorporating flash or not, checking grammar and spelling, are the pages you created too wide or too long, the font size and style, and making sure the images are not pixelated but clear.
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