Best Darts on the Market: Factors to Consider

It is without a doubt that acquiring darts is based on personal preferences. Nonetheless, there are various factors to consider before you decide on purchasing a dart. Some of the factors to be considered when purchasing the best darts on the market include the types of grips, the weight you will use, and one of the big factors is the price. If you plan to be a professional that would be engaged in competitions then you may want to consider going the extra mile starting with your budget. On the other hand, if you are a recreational player, opting for cheaper darts is not a bad idea.


There are various choices here and just as mentioned earlier it is based on personal preferences when deciding how your choice of darts feels in your fingers. For instance, exterior textures include knurled grip, ringed surface, and shark fins but to a name a few. Your preferred type of grip provides increased accuracy and control on your throw. The dart is easier to be held in position with more texture incorporated in its design. Nonetheless, too much grip perhaps texture pose a threat to having a clean throw because your finger may be stuck to the barrel.


The standard weight of a steel tip dart is about 18-2 grams, but based on your preference you can opt for a heavier option. Darts with more weight offer improved power, while lighter darts, on the other hand, demand more force for a throw. If is conventional for beginners to opt for darts within the range of 20-25 grams, just so that it is not too heavy and not too light, just something that is in between.

It is very important that you keep balance in mind because there are various darts with the majority of their weight in various areas of the barrel. For instance, throwing a front-loaded darts is different compared to a barrel that keeps its weight towards the back. In the market, soft tip darts are offered in 20, 28, 16, 14 grams of weights. It is somewhat possible to stumble upon that of 25 grams but if you are more like a beginner it is advised that you settle for a dart between 14 and 20 grams.

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