1. Graphics

This was one of the most important features of the headphones that the band focused on. It was important that the headphones didn’t just function well but also looked good. They’ve received high marks for the branding graphics.

Motorhead has always focused on making certain that anything with its name on it is high-end. That’s why it spent thetime to be certain that the graphic art of its headphones would be top-notch. In fact, the band’s Snaggletooth mascot is often considered the first mascot of a heavy metal band. The band wants to continue that traditional of excellence with its headphones.

  1. Style

The company has taken thetime to provide the headphones with a cool style. It believes it’s an important feature of the units so rockers feel comfortable wearing the headphones whether they wear them at home or while on the go. Just as the headphones have received high marks for the style.

This is one of the most important factors because owners will want to feel comfortable wearing the headphones when they’re in public. This highlights the reason why the company has focused on giving the units an excellent sound.

  1. Loudness/Bass

These were some of the priorities of the band when it set out to launch the headphones. The company realized that there weren’t any products on the market that seemed to cater to rockers including fans of heavy metal music.

Two of the priorities were the loudness of the headphones. It wanted the headphones to provide enough loudness and bass for rockers. This resulted in headphones that provide high marks for those areas. Whether you’re a fan of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, etc. the headphones are ideal for providing the power and bass that makes them ideal for fans of those genres.

  1. Comfort

This is another key feature that the Motorhead headphones provide. The headphones have been praised for not needing any adjustments to fit well. This is definitely a plus over other products that require such adjustments.

Motorhead believes that the headphones should be as comfy as possible whether rockers are wearing the units for one song or for hours. That’s why it’s taken the time and effort to make sure that the headphones get high marks about this issue.

  1. Clarify

Motorhead wanted to make sure that its headphones weren’t just loud but also clear. This is yet another of the key features of the units. Rockers will experience sound that isn’t just loud but also clear. This is true for high, mid, and low-range sounds. It will definitely help to improve the experience of wearers of the headphones.

  1. Quality

Motorhead never puts its name on a product until it’s met its quality standards. That’s also the case with its headphones. The company has done major testing to make sure the headphones have top-notch quality. It believes its fans deserve headphones that are the best option for their genre.

These are some of the key features of Motorhead headphones and make a good argument for picking up a pair.

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