There is just something about headphones that makes it really cool to wear. We at Motorheadphones deliver you the best headphones you can find in the market. And we are not just bragging about it.

It didn’t start out this way. We were just a bunch of teens back then when we were having the most fun of our lives. We really love music and since we love different genres, we couldn’t stand listening to different music from each of us listening to our own speakers. It was also that time we started our obsession with headphones.

We just didn’t stop our love for music. In order to clearly listen to the instruments that the headphones we’re using were the right ones, we explored different headphones in the industry that will go nicely well with acertain genre of music. We then learned that there are headphones can sound differently depending on the model and the maker. It came to a point that most of the headphones did not provide the kind of quality that we were looking for. It all came to a point that we got very obsessed with collecting headphones that we had to create our own. We were so curious what was inside the headphones, how they were creating it and how they were able to produce such sounds. We were also curious about how other headphones were not as good sounding as it looks. We also wondered why some are so plain looking, yet its sound quality was superb.

We also made observations that certain genre and devices do not go well with certain headphones. Take for example the heavy metal genre. Heavy metal music usually comes with heavy riffs, insane shredding, and banging of the drums. There are some headphones as well that can’t seem to fit the device it is being used with, which is why they sound different when they are connected to different devices. If you have ever tried looking at the label at the back of the package, you will see they recommend specific devices to be attached to the headphones. The reason for this is because they have made the headphones and tested it with prominent or very popular devices, like the iPhone or any Apple devices. This is one of the reasons that we have decided to create our own line of headphones because it would be very inconvenient when you like a pair of headphones yet you can’t use it in other devices and also when you listen to another music genre.

These are all the happenings that made us group together and create our own line of headphones.

In here, you will find out more about the various models of headphones that are used on different occasions or for all devices. We also tap into headphones that are highly compatible with specific devices, especially when they are used on special occasions.

Even if we are only a small group, we have extensive knowledge regarding headphones and the kind of those that are fitted to your needs. We make sure that everything that we offer is that of the best quality that it is good enough to compete with other brands as well.

We don’t only offer products. We are also here to help you find the perfect headphones that are perfect for your musical preferences and your budget, too! If you have any suggestions or inquiries, just ask as away through our contact page and send it to us.

In order to give you an in-depth information about every headphone that are made available on this site, we provide reviews that are done both by experts and by our customers. It is fair to do this so that viewers get a balanced review not only from experts working for us or those in our groupbut also coming from our customers that have used our products, too. This way, you will get a sound decision in choosing the right headphones.

Do you want to meet the team? Just head over our head office and you will meet us personally. Each of us is working at the forefront of the business – we do not hide because we meet our customers daily to oversee and provide what they need. It is also a perfect setting to acquire feedback face to face from our client. It isn’t enough for us to get online feedback. Personal feedback is welcome, too.

Visiting us in our head office will also give you a personal experience on what every product we offer can deliver to your music needs.

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